We all have a story waiting to be told. Images have the power to capture a narrative beyond just words. When you find the right storyteller to partner with, you can create something magnificent.

What story will you tell?

Featured Works


From editorial to commercial, some clients know exactly what they want. My job is to visually manifest your vision and tell your story. As a former marketing guy, I bring experience that bridges both sides of the production table.

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Photo Documentaries

Photo Docs are a dynamic way to tell your story and engage your audience in the process. Think photo-essay combined with documentary audio, typically 30 seconds to 4 minutes max. I offer a full pre and post production service, and help clients to zero in on the best focal point for their business story.

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Aerial Images & Video

Bring a unique perspective to any project with aerial photos and footage. I have experience shooting for location marketing, real estate, construction, and special sites. I am a fully insured pilot, fly a DJI Phantom 4 and hold a Standing SFOC from Transport Canada for the entire RDCK meaning there’s no 20-day wait between the time you decide to hire me and the shoot.

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Real Estate

Great photos help sell great properties. I offer a transparent, affordable service that is streamlined for today’s real estate market. Leave each shoot knowing that you’ll have MLS-ready images within 24hrs, guaranteed. I’m easy to work with and keep both my fee structure and turnaround-times simple (no add-ons or extra licensing) which makes for a hassle-free  experience.

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Professional Results

With my background in organizational effectiveness, I can quickly understand my clients' business goals and translate them into our project. I'm a great listener and aim to exceed expectations every time I work. I understand that photography isn't just about great photos, but that it's also about excellent communication, timely delivery and professional excellence.

Straightforward Approach

I am efficient, transparent and easy to work with. I keep both my fee structure and turnaround-times simple (no add-ons or extra licensing) making the experience hassle-free.

Reliable Relationship

At the end of the day, relationship is what matters most to me. In my experience professional collaborations form the nexus for spectacular creative work..